Cherokee Womens Specialists - Dr. Fonda Webb is an incompetent doctor!

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I went into Cherokee Women's Specialists in Canton, Ga because I was/am having horrible Interstitial Cystitis flare ups. I made my appointment with Dr.

Lense, but when I got there, they had me see Dr. Fonda Webb (who was not very educated in I.C.) She wrote me a Rx for Elmiron (I had been taking it for a year and needed another Rx,) but when she wrote it, she gave me 1 refill. I stopped her and begged her to change it because I needed the years worth since I don't have insurance. She did!

Only now, I can't get my Rx filled because she was too incompetent to write down that she had made a change. Now my medicine is all messed up and i need to go to another doctor with money that I don't have. THANKS DR.


Review about: Incopetent Doctor.

Monetary Loss: $110.



This is ridiculous - no way this is true. All your pharmacist would have had to do was call the physician to verify that the physician made the change and confirm what the physician wanted the RX to say.

Alternatively, you could have explained the situation to the physician and she could have easily written a new scrip. This whole story is either bogus, or mostly references a comedy of incompetence on your end or on your pharmacists end.

You really think that pharmacists can read the handwriting of physicians on every scrip they get? No, they call and confirm with the physician office before filling it.

to Anonymous #985103

I did explain it to her. So did my husband.

The only one who didn't seem to get it was Dr. Webb. She just stood around like she was clueless to the world, and had no idea what we were talking about. I was crying my eyes out in her office.

Nothing I said was ridiculous. It was the truth.

Sorry if the truth hurts your feelings but that's what happened. Get over it.

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